Sea Breeze Cafe(Sundial Beach Resort & Spa)


BLACK ‘N’ BLUE MAC ‘N’ CHEESE $12 Blackened Cola Marinated Flank Steak, Shell Pasta, Blue Cheese Crema, Crumbled Danish Blue, Seasoned Bread Crumbs
CALAMARI $14 Flour Dusted, Hot Peppers, Tomato, Caper & Olive Sauce
LOUISIANA GULF SHRIMP $13 Cocktail & Remoulade Sauces, Lemon, Baked Cracker
MUSSELS $12 Blue Mussels, White Wine, Garlic, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Butter, Crusty Bread
HUMMUS PLATTER $10 Cucumbers, Grilled Pita Bread, Greek Yogurt, Olives
BRAISED BEEF FLAUTAS $10 Slow Simmered Shredded Beef and Pepper-Jack Cheese, Wrapped in Flour Tortillas Crisped on the Griddle and Served with a Three Cheese Dipping Sauce of Aged Cheddar, Gruyere and Parmesan
CRAB CAKES $14 Hand Formed, Florida Blue Crab, Spicy Mayo, Lemon


SOUP OF THE EVENING Cup $4 | Bowl $6 Different Soup Every Evening, Ask Your Server for Details
SEAFOOD CHOWDER Cup $4 | Bowl $6 Fresh Coastal Seafood, Bacon, Potatoes, Cream
THE SEA BREEZE HOUSE $13 Chopped Iceberg, Tomato, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Maytag Blue Crumbles, Crab Meat, Gulf Shrimp, Tostones
SPINACH & ROMAINE $12 Dried Fruit, Bell Peppers, Chia & Pepita Seeds, Mixed Berry Balsamic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Drizzle
QUINOA CAPRESE SALAD $12 Seasoned & Bloomed Quinoa, Bocconcini Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil, Balsamic Glaze, Virgin Olive Oil Drizzle
CLASSIC CAESAR $10 Chopped Romaine, Shaved Parmesan, Multi-Grain Crisp, Caesar Dressing
Add to any Salad - Chicken $5 | Salmon $7 | Grilled Steak $7|Shrimp $7 | Grouper Market Price


THE BEACH BURGER $14 8oz Ground Harris Ranch Beef, Choice of American, Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone Cheeses, Served with House Slaw & Fries
THE “NO WOMAN, NO CRY” BURGER $16 10oz Hand Formed Ground Beef, Jerk Spice Rubbed, Topped with Smoked Jalapeños, Jamaican Jerk Cheese, Tobacco Onion Crisps, Pickled Okra Spear, Served with House Slaw & Fries


"In an Effort To Promote Healthy Oceans, We Offer Wild Caught Seafood, Not Only From Florida But From All Over the World"
SEA SCALLOP PAELLA $36 (Harvested off the New England Coast) Clams, Chorizo Sausage, Saffron Rice, Mussels, Braised Chicken, Green Peas, Shellfish Broth)
GROUPER Market Price (Gulf of Mexico) Grilled, Olive Oil-Poached Potato & Kale Hash, Asparagus, Tomato Butter
SHRIMP $30 Louisiana Gulf Harvested) Sautéed over Pappardelle Pasta, White Wine, Garlic, Lemon Butter Emulsion
SALMON $30 (Wild Caught) Grilled, Onion & Herb Quinoa, Braised Bok Choy, Pineapple-Pepper Teriyaki
WAHOO $30 (Caribbean Caught) Pan Flashed, Spicy Coconut Rice, Gingered Carrots, Tropical Relish
SNAPPER $31 (A Variety of Florida Species) Crisped Skin On, Sweet Corn Risotto with Bacon, Garlicky Green Beans
MAHI-MAHI $30 (Gulf of Mexico) Blackened, Whipped Potato, Blistered Asparagus, Grilled Lemon
SWORDFISH $28 (From Florida Waters) BBQ Rubbed, Grilled Zucchini Planks, Smokey Jalapeño Red Beans & Rice


"We Proudly Support Local Farmers, Artisans & Sustainability Efforts"
FILET OF BEEF $38 Smashed Potato, Blistered Asparagus, Red Onion Jam, Veal Jus Lie
SLOW ROASTED BABY BACK RIBS $30 Green Apple Slaw, House BBQ, Crispy Fries
PISTACHIO CRUSTED TURKEY TENDERLOIN $28 Tenderloin of Turkey, Crushed Pistachios, Oven Baked, Steamed White Rice, Roasted Vegetables, Broken Dijon Vinaigrette
FLANK STEAK $26 Char-Grilled, Cola Marinade, Old Bay, Truffle Pomme Frites, Garlic Escarole, Chili Butter
SAUTÉED BREAST OF CHICKEN $26 Olive Oil, Garlic, Shallots, Balsamic & Fresh Rosemary Reduced Sauce, Spinach & Tomato Couscous, Grilled Vegetables and Asparagus.

12OZ NEW YORK STRIP STEAK $38 Harris Ranch Hand Cut Strip Steak, Kosher Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Seasoned, Grilled Potato Planks, Goat Cheese Stuffed Roma Tomato, Asparagus, Demi-Glace